OH3.1 Generac MobileLink Binding

OH 3.1, Pi 3B, Rhaspbian 10 (Buster)

I have a spiffy Generac Generator which I can monitor stats via mobile… I saw that there was an openhab binding for #generac-mobilelink-binding and got all excited… unfortunately after installing the binding and configuring the whopping 3 settings ( mobilelink username, password and refresh interval) all I seem to get is Status Offline Communication error.

openhab> log:display|grep generac                                                                                                                                                          
05:10:38.883 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ThingStatusInfoEvent   ] - Thing 'generacmobilelink:account:eb4bf2c09f' updated: OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)

I’ve truncated it here as I have 1 line every minute in my logs for this… note the logs are all openhab.event.ThingStatusInfoEvent and nothing from the binding itself even though I show

org.openhab.binding.generacmobilelink              │ TRACE

When I execute a log:get…
Is it just terminally broken or where can I find the code for the binding to debug further and maybe, just maybe contribute some error, warn, info, debug and trace logging into the binding if nothing else…

Mrgh, found my own answer… found the code… it hardcoded the site https://api.mobilelinkgen.com which is a non-entity according to DNS…
grumble… now to go chew upon Generac for a new link/api!