OH3.1 Stable Build uses InfluxDB as Persistence Storage But Grafana Cannot See


I’m wondering whether anyone encounter similar problem that data points are visible in MainUI Analyze graph but remain empty on Grafana with the same database. Funny, influx console can’t see the data either. Yes, I gave configured both influxdb.persist and InfluxDB setting in MainUI to the same db with same credentials.

Did you set the default persistence to be InfluxDB? If not what you are seeing in the analyze function is coming from rrd4j.

It turned out that I had to change retention policy from default to retention policy configured in openHAB. If I’m not mistaken, this setting wasn’t configurable in previous openHAB versions. Hence it always saved data points to default retention policy. And default is a default retention policy selection whenever a graph is configured in grafana. That’s why I didn’t have this problem before.