OH3.3 Tabbed

I have created a new tabbed page and already added several tabs. They are displayed in alphabetical order at the bottom of the screen.
How can I get a specific tab to show on open?

There is no built-in way to do this with the tabbed-pages. When a tabbed-page is first rendered, the active page to show is always set as the first one.

Too bad there is no other way. For example a rule that controls which tab should be activated when it is opened?

The base f7 tab components allow you to do this, but, you have to build the tabs and tabbar as a whole custom widget to include on a page.

Thank you, but I have to read up on that first.

Hello JustinG,

I just noticed something: in the settings of the tabs, they can be moved up or down. With this I can influence the order from left to right. Since Openhab always opens the left tab first, I moved my desired tab there.
It’s not quite what I imagined, but I can live with that.

All the best for you!