OH3 Adding addons manually now working

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve installed a new OH3 using openhabian adn it works perfect, unless when I move a .jar to /usr/share/openhab/addons and it’s not recognizing the jar and after as binding. I’ve deleted and download the file many times even use git clone and it does not work. Also i’ve clean-cache and change permissions of file using sudo chown openhab:openhab but didn’t work too. It’s strange because in another two installations it works perfect. When i try bundle:list over console I can’t see the binding installed on this server.

may you suggest something to try here?

Looking at the filename you are trying an OH2 binding in OH3? That will not work…
Contact the binding developer since this is not an official OH addon

Not sure if is the case because it works in another instance of OH3…

What does the log say…
Put it on the main thread for the binding as don’t want to look in multiple places.

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first part of the filename shows the OH version. Last part shows the version of the binding itself.
Looking into GitHub - delid4ve/SonoffJars one can see that the same binding version is compiled for OH2 and OH3. The previous post just shows the OH3 version and indicated by the filename.

I’ve tested on my 3.x instance and working. Seems an issue with the core install from the logs I got back from @mvo

Hi Dave, it happes when I tried to upgrade. What are steps you taken to update jar? I usually stop OH2, clean-cache and upload new jar…then start it again

does Someone has any other idea how to clean up my OH installation regarding this bindind and install it again?

Hi Daven, it’s me again! :smile:

How do we delete tem/cache for your amazing binding? I did openhab-cli clean cache but looks it didn’t delete configur of my legacy configuration (itens binding) I’m now getting some errors like:

[ERROR] [unication.SonoffCommunicationManager] - The device 1000e592a5 doesnt exist, unable to set state

And from UI This device has not been initilized, please run discover when I try to add new sonoff mini… from my understanding it’s because as mentioned before I need to delete all items to get binding working but there are some legacy config files that I need to clean up

run discovery. New cache will be created for missing devices so if you have local supported devices these can be used offline. It should also re-initialise the device if you leave the thing there and don’t delete/re-create

If you upgraded from a v1 prefix then will need to delete userdata/sonoff too as file format changed

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Work now! Thanks for sharing!

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