OH3 addon installation additional questions

I want to manually install an add-on on my OH3 server (through an openhabian distribution).
According to documentation ( Installation of Add-ons), I just have to "Place the .jar file in the addons folder on the machine you are running openHAB on. "

Before installing and as I can’t find answers to the following questions (neither in the documentation nor in the forum), I would like to ask additional questions :

  1. Do I just have to copy/paste the jar file in the add-on folder or do I need, right after, to install it with the console ? What is the best way to check if installation succeed ?
  2. If I install an add-on manually, it doesn’t appear in MainUI : but what about things discovery and creation ? Do I have to do everything manually or can I use the MainUI ?
  3. What happen if I update OH (for instance 3.2 → 3.3). Do I have to reinstall the add-on or will it stay in place ?
  4. In case of problem, how can I uninstall the add-on ? Just remove the jar file ?

Final question, do you know if there are plans to add a manual installation feature from MainUI (for instance in the Developer tools)? What is your point of view of such functionality and do you think that’s possible (I can log an issue but I prefer to survey a few people)?

Thanks in advance.

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1: No additional steps needed, just copy and paste. If you like, you can verify on the Karaf console by entering “bundle:list”
2: Just press the big blue “+” button on the lower right corner and select your newly installed binding. This will start discovery.
3: No reinstallation needed.
4: Just remove the jar file.

The latest Milestone 3 release now includes a Marketplace, where developers can publish their new addons before they got merged into the distro. So no need for further installation options.

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Thank you for your help. Now everything is clearer. :+1: