OH3 - Addons section suddenly dissapeared

Hello everybody,

I have been running OH3 on raspberry pi for a few days without issues. I had setup a couple of lights, motion & temperature sensors (aqara) and so on. For that, i had to install a few bindings (e.g HUE, network, Xiaomi, etc)

The other day I wanted to add more functionalities to OH3, and when I was going to add a new binding, i found out that the ADDONS section completly dissapeared! Therefore, i cannot add new bindings.

I do not know when this happened, or what caused the issue as I have NOT been doing any configuration or maintenance on OH3.

Any ideas of what could be the issue here? my things & items still work (with the previously installed bindings)

Thanks in advance

did your admin login session expire? You may need to log out and log back in.


I did that already. I signed out & signed in, close all open sessions… but same issue.

All I can recommend is to file an issue. I’ve not see anyone report this behavior so far.

Thank you,

just did it

Just a wild guess, did you change the Add-on Management setting from Access Remote Repository ON to OFF?

Hi !

I did not change anything there. but cleaning the cache solved the issue!

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