OH3 - Alexa Speak from webGUI rules

I have an EchoShow 5 installed and discovered as a Thing via the amzon echo control binding.
I have linked the TTS channel to an Item.

From web GUI I have created a rule that when my mobile get connected to network switches on a light in the livingroom (This works fine).

Now I would like my Echoshow to say “WELCOME” immediately after that the light is ON.

I tried "Add an Action " → “Audio and Voice” but in this there is no way to link the TTS Item and therefore there is no action.

What is the right way to do this ?

you need to send a command to the TTS channel.
In DSL rule it would look like:

Echo_Plus_TTS.sendCommand( 'Welcome' )

Thank you.

Now I managed from web-GUI:
“Add an Action " → “Item Action” → PICK the item from model → Send a Command to

This now works.

Thanks again

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