OH3 and Mobotix T24

I’ve got a Mobotix T24 as door station.
In OH2, I’ve configure it to send a TCP command to launch a DingDong playsound command in openHAB. Since OH3 doens’t come with a TCP/IP binding, Today, I don’t know how to integrate it with OH3?
Do you have any suggestion?
Thank you

When I remember correctly, the Mobotix can issue a http call as an action. You could use this to send a command to an item via the REST interface.

Hi @juelicher ,
Yes, you’re right but the Mobotix can only send HTTP GET command
And the in the openhab API, it looks like only HTTP PUT command could update value / send command?
How could I resolve this? Is there another method ? with the OH2 version, we were able to do this, but now, … I don’t know.
Any idea?

Then it becomes difficult.

You could setup a second OH2 server und connect it via the remote binding.

Or you write a small server process that receives network messages from the Mobotix and triggers openHAB accordingly. In Python this would be quite easy and there are a lot of examples available on the Internet, but some programming skills would be required.

Or the Mobotix starts a SIP call and you let your phones ring.

thank you @juelicher
Since I’ve a PHP server on the same server as OH3, I’ve created a small “transpose” script
This PHP is executed from the Mobotix T24 via HTTP GET and do a HTTP PUT request to the OH3 server.
I don’t know if other solution was possible, but it’s running :ok_hand:

If you had the server already running, this seems to be the easiest solution to me. In the past the openHAB Rest API could be used via Get requests, but it seems, as if this option has been removed, which is Ok, as Get request must not change the state.

just send the following command from your T24 to openHAB:

alternatively you could link them with SNMP, too.

Hello @Oliver2 , this looks very good and would allow me to get my T25 to trigger OH3 (today it does trigger OH2 with TCP binding).

However, it seems I miss a setting somewhere for this to work because I get an error in the traces (both OH3 and OH2, by the way) saying the item that received the command does not exist.

I must be missing something…

Note that, to test, I send the command from Chrome… Just in case.


post a screenshot of your MX camera where you defined your network profile

I updated my message, I send the request from Chrome to test. Could it be that this is the problem?

then post your url. what does the log say?

ok, I got it… When I did paste the URL i saw the problem in the message edit box of the forums here…
I had left the < > signs in the URL… Removing them it works just fine… That is very good.
Thanks for the help.

Note that the message in the log was telling me exactly what the problem was :hot_face: but I did not read it correctly…

2021-03-27 12:45:12.847 [WARN ] [e.io.http.servlet.BaseOpenHABServlet] - Received command '<ON>' for item '<ModeVacances>', but the item does not exist in the registry

Hi, i’m facing the same problem here with my mobotix setup and the missing tcp-Binding. Would you might share our mobotix configuration to send this command to OH?
Thanks in advance

this is how I defined the IP Profile (Netzwerkmeldung):

In Admin menu there is a Test for your network configuration. There you can test your IP profile, too.

Do also not forget to install BasicUI

Please don‘t use the CMD servlet coming with basicUI. This is not officially supported and might stop working in the future without any announcement.

as long as the servlet is available it is an easy way to integrate mobotix cameras. mobotix cameras do not support http/post, just http/get.

Thank you, now it’s working perfectly.

Is there any other way of doing this? Like without CMD servlet of BasicUI?

In earlier Posts the TCP binding is mentioned. It is available from this Party via marketplace after configuring it.
Beides that the webhook binding may work aß an alternative solution ( Could depent if you reqire a service that reacts on POST or GET commands ).