OH3 and YFT IR bridge via HTTP binding need help with JSON

I just recently migrated from OH2.5 to OH3 and the last item I have to convert is my IR bridge.
Its a cheap chines YFT IR Bridge running the Tasmota firmware.
On OH2 I used a very simple HTTP command to turn on/off my TV


Switch TvSwitch{ http=">[ON:GET:]" } 


    Switch item=TvSwitch label="TV" icon="television" mappings=[ON="ON"]

This worked like I charm, but not with OH3

Since I created it a very long time ago I’m not entry sure how I did it, but possibly with the HTTP binding.
Now I’m trying to figure out how to convert this to OH3.
I’m reading the HTTP documentation, but its way above my understanding.

Any help would be appreciated!

I know that there is a way to interact with the Tasmota firmware via MQTT, but back in the day I could not figure out how MQTT works, and just went with this very simple method instead.

Did you look at the documentation for OH3? I believe the syntax for the http binding changed.

Sure did I read I just do not understand it properly.

I have this url which works in a browser:{'Protocol':'RC5','Bits':12,'Data':0x80C}

So far what I have done is installed the new HTTP binding, created a Thing with it and a Channel like so:

UID: http:url:236f649803
label: TvIRSwitch
thingTypeUID: http:url
  authMode: BASIC
  ignoreSSLErrors: false
  refresh: 30
  commandMethod: GET
  timeout: 3000
  bufferSize: 2048
  - id: TvKapcs
    channelTypeUID: http:switch
    label: TvKapcs
    description: ""
      onValue: IRsend{'Protocol':'RC5','Bits':12,'Data':0x80C}
      mode: READWRITE
      offValue: IRsend{'Protocol':'RC5','Bits':12,'Data':0x80C}

What I’m missing is some kind of transformation of the url into someting OH3 understands.

Thank you for showing what you have tried & failed. I am not experienced with the http binding but others should be available.