OH3 - Android client - annoying error popup: "Notifications are unavailable. Error connecting to remote server. Unknown error" [SOLVED]

since I upgraded to OH3, i keep getting these annoying (some people called it “pesky”) popups every minute while working in the Android app (keeps popping up in black popup tooltip on the bottom of the client screen.

I am well aware that my device doesn’t support google GCM push notifications and it never will.
And I don’t use notifications in openhab anyway.
Isn’t it enough to have this error permanently baked in under settings → notifications, why keep showing the error in that popup every few seconds/minutes, basically on every refresh…

In the spirit of open-sourceism that openhab so strongly represents (avoid 3rd party cloud based smart home systems, google & co. etc…) some of us are using LineageOS flavor of android without google services installed, so I don’t think we should be penalized for living de-googled lives :slight_smile:

I am aware that I fall under probably 1% of OH android users with this kind of phone setup (no google) and that developers of android client might not want to deal with this error…but if you do, it will be much appreciated! thanks in advance!

It seems more likely that no one has reported this scenario until now. It’s logical for the app to try connecting again when it refreshes and then notify the user that there are problems. And it’s logical to have a toggle to stop that behaviour…but only if the developer knows that it’s a problem.

Rather than posting here, I’d suggest submitting this as a feature request in GitHub. The developer might see it here, but they’ll definitely see it there.

Been there, done that.
The fix should be in the next app version.

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Even better. :wink:

awesome! :slight_smile:

If anything you’re penalized for using the wrong build :wink:
The builds off F-Droid don’t contain any code using Google services.

@mueller-ma Is there a reason why the GH releases only contain full builds, but not Foss ones?

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I will give this a try, thx

@vanja Which version do you use?

It might be 1%, but I’m part of that. This is why I publish openHAB on F-Droid and ported some features:

F-Droid uses their own signing keys. If we publish the foss builds on GitHub, people won’t be able to switch between GH and F-Droid.
The full version has the same signing key on GH and Play Store, so switching here is possible.

That’s clear, but then we just should not advertise both builds as compatible. My line of thought was that it would be a pretty straightforward place to redirect the non-GMS people to as source for APKs. I’m not sure though how many non-GMS users don’t use F-Droid either, so maybe that’s not a problem after all…

I had the same thought. And even if you don’t use the F-Droid client, you can still download the apk from their website.

i was using 2.18 version from aurora store, which basically steals it from google play store. deleted, installed same 2.18 version from fdroid, annoying errors are gone!

Interesting. 2.18.0 is dated June, well before the fix.

as I understand, version on fdroid does not have integration with google services, so thats the reason error is non existent…

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Indeed, the issue should also be present on 2.18.0, but not on the latest beta version.

The F-Droid build can fetch notifications in a regular basis.

His issue was different I think. Yours was ‘remote server is not an openhab-cloud instance and app didn’t detect that’, his was ‘app tries to access non-existant Google services to register with FCM’. The fix for the former is in the beta, the fix for the latter is using the F-Droid build.


I’m again getting these notification errors with 2.19-9 beta when I start on the OH3 UI page.
They were gone after installing the beta mentioned above but returned (not sure when probably well before 2.19-9).
I think it happened when I added home.myopenhab.org as a ‘bad’ server. Removing that seems to suppress the error.

UI page setup to local server is still painfully slow, though (6-10 sec) while quick when using a PC client.
If I was to guess all default (first) connection attempt(s) always fail and only when the app notices, it ‘falls back’ to a secondary connection method that works.

On a sidenote:
What would I need to enter as the server for myopenhab.org so OH3 UI access works in the app?

https://myopenhab.org. The app will recognize this as myopenHAB URL and will load home.myopenhab.org when using OH3 main UI.