OH3 + Armbian (or Dietpi) + odroid n2+ and UART

I have OH3 running on the armbian on odroid n2+.
My problem is that RX/TX isn’t working (pin8 and 10):

in armbian-config I switched on a uartA:
but what is device name ? I tried ttyS1 and also ttyAML1 but not working
What’s wrong ?
Please help
Thank you

Do you know this legacy:common:application_note:gpio:uart [ODROID Wiki] ?


armbian bad luck, dietpi also …

Have a look here Trouble installing GPIO uart for ttyS1 access ; - ODROID the path /meda/boot/… seems to be wrong.

I think I must switch to this ubuntu:
getting_started:os_installation_guide [ODROID Wiki]

Have you seen my previous post

yes, same error as before
looks like it’s valid only for original OS

What is content of the /boot directory ?

this for dietpi which I have running now, but armbian has nearly the same

What is the content of the two dtb directories?

directory overlay:

content of the “dtb” and “dtb-6.1.11-meson64” is the same