[OH3] Assign a custom icon to an item with UI (i.e. my confusion about the meaning of categories)

I am familiarizing with OH3 and I am trying to follow the advice to use the UI. I am trying to set up a different icon for my dishwasher but apparently I can’t through the UI. In order to have an icon, I have to set a “category”, but there is only “whitegood”.

I therefore tried to understand what a “category” is, by looking into the docs and in the forum, but I am confused. In the docs categories are explained for things and channels (a remnant of OpenHAB2?) at this link. There are similarities with the semantic model which instead concerns items (be it specially tagged groups such as equipments, locations or points). But what confuses me is the fact that the UI offers me the possibility to define, for a given item, both a category and a semantic class.

In summary: how can I set a custom icon for an item?
I would very naively think that the “category” field in the UI should be replaced with an “icon name”, but I am very likely missing some understanding of OH3. If the category is an intended feature of the item, how should I use it and what’s the difference with the semantic modeling?

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put the icons in the folder /icons/classic/
and yes

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Just one hint… After doing so you still will not see your custom icon suggested from autocomplete when using the UI. Just type the full name of the icon and you will see it appear

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Nice to see that this is also working in OH3 !

For me this is only working for .png files. Is it also possible with .svg files?

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