OH3 Automower Binding / mowerId


I am currently trying to integrate the binding for Openhab 3 Automower …
I installed the binding, saved the bridge as a thing in OpenHAB 3 and it is green

Now I wanted to add the thing automower and stumble across the input field mowerId “The internal ID of the Automower that is used by the Automower Connect API to identify an Automower”

where can I find this ID?

Of course, I created an application on the appropriate page as desired and added the associated APIs

Nowhere does this mowerId appear …

Maybe one of you can help me …

Thank you very much … Regards Henning

Hi Henning,

the docs say that the mower is autodetected once the bridge is configured. That did not work for me. So I had to find out the mower ID manually.

First you need to get an access token by executing

curl -X POST -d "grant_type=password&client_id=<API_key>&username=<username>&password=<password>" https://api.authentication.husqvarnagroup.dev/v1/oauth2/token

Then you can follow the instructions of the Husqvarna API Docs:

for listing the paired mowers. The mower ID is listed in the returned JSON response.

I use postman to do the query: