OH3 Basic UI - Locations Tab: How to get titles for Floors

Hey there,

i am ist starting with OH3. Therefore my question perhaps is just a noob question.

In the documentation there is a Screenshot for the locations tab. In it I can see the titles for the floors (first floor, ground floor, etc.).

I tried to create my own semantic house model - but there are no titles

Do you experts have a hint for me, how I could get the titles in it like in the doc?

Thank you and Greetings

This is, what it looks in my locations tab and how my semantic model looks:

You can add those “seperators” for instance in the code section.
To do so go to your “Location” page and click:

That takes you to the edit screen.
If you go the “code” way click on the code tab.
For me it looks like this:

You cann then add the “separator” inside the cardOrder part.

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Thanks for replying so fast :wink:

If I open the code view it looks like that - that’s curious for me because there is nothing that would represent my sematic model.

Did you define your “Locations” in the model by selecting the Location semantic class?

Take into account that my code tab has more entries as I also did some customization.

Also, how does your location page look like? Empty?
It might be actually normal behavior as you can see in my screenshot that the equipment part also has no entries for me, but I have all the cards.
Hence you would need to do your customizations first (some of them can be done in the Design tab via UI).


this is my model:

And this is my location tab:

Have a look at my last reply, I think I edited it after you made a reply (sorry).
Check out the “Design” tab inside the edit menu.
You should see your “Garten” and “Wohnzimmer” in there and be able to customize those.
You should also be able to add separators in there (via UI).
The code in the “Code” tab should reflect those UI changes then as well.

Edit: Please also have a look into the documentation.

Thank you - now it works like a charm :wink:

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