OH3: Binding gone and not available any longer


I’m using OH3 since longer time and it works for perfect for me.
However, since today all bindings are gone and all things are in the status “UNINITIALIZED”. When I go to the the bindings there are no bindings available at all.
I’ve run update, upgrade and reboot. However I cannot fix it.
Any idea?

System: RPi4, OH3
Bindings: Homematic, Sonos, darksky, hue, astro, ntp, etc.

Thank you in advance and best regards

Please describe in more detail. Do you mean that when you look at the Bindings page, you no longer see the “openHAB Distribution” section with the official bindings? And do you still see the Community Marketplace bindings?

I ask because this happened to me recently, and I haven’t had time to figure out what caused it (or how to fix it).

The difference is that my official bindings are still installed. The fact that yours are all gone suggests it may be SD corruption. If you have a recent backup, I’d suggest trying to install that.

Hi rpwong,

thank you for the feedback. I analysed the SD card and it looks that the card has faild clusters. I’ve run a backup last week and can restore it on an new SD card.
Thank you very much for the hint and take care