OH3: Binding replacement via addons folder

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Are you sure you select the right folder? It works for me on Debian (not docker) and Windows, so very unlikely it doesn‘t work in another Debian environment.

I think it’s the right folder as it was working in OH 2.5 before. But maybe another environment variable has to be set?

That‘s the wrong one. It‘s now named openhab/addons
not openhab2/addons

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In docker there are volume mappings which have to be maintained, so I do use the correct openhab/addons folder.

Just a question to excluse everything. You do have the openHAB 3.0 version of the binding and not the openHAB 2.5 version?

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Thank you four response - I really appreciate that. Both bindings were taken from the 3.0.0-snapshot branch. In case of incompatible binding files shouldn’t there be any comment in openhab.log?

Btw. I’ve read your gread summary concerning 3.x Bindings:

I should point out that when a jar is in the addons folder of openhab 3, it does not show up in the installed list. It is best to look for it in the INBOX and pressing the PLUS icon. I raised this on GitHub as an issue.


That is the same in OpenHAB 2. Manually installed addons do not show in the Paper UI.

Can anyone approve, that a jar binding in the addons folder leads to a log entry in openhab.log?

No. No log entries on my system. But the bundle shows up in list on the console.


I also tried to add binding throu addons folder but nothing happens.
And I dont see this binding on binding:list

What can be wrong?

I also tried to add binding throu addons folder but nothing happens.
And I dont see this binding on binding:list

What can be wrong?

The addons folder where? OopenHAB3 uses different folder names.

openHAB2 bindings will not work with openHAB3.

Looking at the binding list where? Manually installed bindings only show as installed in the Karaf console.

It is difficult to tell what is wrong.

Yes I know all of that. I don’t have old folders.
I add .jar file to /etc/openHAB/addons/

And I check bundle:list in karat console.
Even after reboot of RPI this binding isn’t adding to list, and it doesn’t appear in any place in new UI.

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Sorry. you did not tell us that previously, Others have made that error.

Maybe you could add some details concerning your problem:

  • What binding are you talking about?
  • Does the binding version match the OH-version?

If the binding is not compatible (maybe wrongly compiled) the binding will not start and you will get no information openhab.log. If the version is correct but there is a dependency error during initialization you should see an error in openhab.log


On my openhabian installation the folder for addons is here: /usr/share/openhab/addons

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I need to check, couse in this folder I have *.kar files, not *.jar.

It is Pushover binding made for OH3. I got *.jar file from github.

I have OH3 M2 version.
There is no info in logs.

Did you compile it yourself? (The problem in my opening post was caused by a wrong parameter.)

No. Author of this binding made *.jar file.