OH3 cannot link items (tasmota wallsockets) to channels

Hi everyone. I have just installed OH3(openhabian on Rpi4) I started with OH2.5. which went very smoothly for my level. On OH3 I try to install fresh the same Blitzwolf SHP2 wall socket flashed with Tasmota but OH3 does not link / discover the channels. What I did. : Created thing : mqtt broker (IP/1883) and, created generic mqtt thing for my BW-SHP2 switch which is connecting to mqtt broker as parent bridge… Both things are online. Same as I did on OH2.5 Then I created channel (switch) for the BW-SHP2 thing ,.which does NOT LI.NK. . The item switch seems ok but not working obviously because it is unlinked.
Thanks in advance.
p.s. I do not know if necessary but I have created semantic model including the switch.
What is the replacement of Paper UI Control to check my functionality ?
Json item.channel file is empty
core.items.metadata.json file is empty
core.thingThing.json contains broker and switch info

That’s two steps and you’ve some ambiguity. Creating the Channel does not automatically create the Item. In OH 2 the Item might be created automatically if you’ve turned on simple mode but OH 3 doesn’t have simple mode.

You have to create the Item. So, did you create the Item? How did you create the Item? Does the Item already exist? How are you trying to create the Link?

Rich hi,
Thanks for your reply. Actually I managed to create the items and activate the switch before your reply. It seems that I can create through things/channels but also though model entries. You will allow me to express Some well intended comments on the product which I like and I want to see evolving and get better.

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