[OH3] Cannot update Configuration Parameters

In Openhab3, I am not able to update/modify Configuration Parameters from the Thing page. I used to be able to do this in openhab2 but this no longer appears to work. After making the change, I click save, and go back to the main Things page and reselect the thing only to find the parameter is back to its original value. This is on an Aeotec ZW111 Nano Dimmer.


Here is what I get using TRACE log settings:

2021-01-04 14:00:12.270 [DEBUG] [onfig.core.ConfigDescriptionRegistry] - No config description found for ‘thing:zwave:device:a41bfab7:node47’, using alias ‘thing-type:zwave:aeon_zw111_02_003’ instead

2021-01-04 14:00:12.291 [DEBUG] [ding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 47: Configuration update received

2021-01-04 14:00:12.303 [DEBUG] [st.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Config description validation exception occurred for thingUID zwave:device:a41bfab7:node47 - Messages: {config_248_1=The value must not be less than 0.}

2021-01-04 14:00:12.311 [ERROR] [rg.apache.cxf.jaxrs.utils.JAXRSUtils] - No message body writer has been found for class java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableMap, ContentType: /

Also, the value I was setting was “50” for parameter #131. That was the only change to the page before clicking the Save button. It looks like it may be sending back the whole config file where one of the other fields has a potential illegal (zero) value. This is a newly added device, so all other parameters are default from the device.

Does that help, or can you point me to specific packages that I need to increase the log level for?


I looked into parameter #248 and it seems like the default value is -125 (on all of these Aeotec products). Changing it to 0 (unintended consequences?) allows updating of the other parameters. So this is something others with this problem should probably be aware of.

OK. This seems to be the case for all Aeotec Nano Dimmers on my network. None will accept any Configuration Parameter changes due to the default value for parameter #248 being -125. In addition, OpenHAB fails silently. To fix this, check “Show Advanced” on the thing configuration page and set parameter #248 to 0 (not sure if this has any side effects) and the click “Save”. This will then allow other configuration changes to occur, and OpenHAB reports “Thing configuration changed” in a toast.

Why?? The binding documentation explicitly states DEBUG logs. They also need to be unfiltered to be useful for troubleshooting.

There is a log viewer here.