OH3 Can't import or define Group:Number:COUNT in UI


Version: OH3.0.1 Synology Docker

I am trying to migrate a group of through the item text import as follows

Group:Number:COUNT(2) gRadiatorsOn “Radiators on [%d]” (gHouse)

and it fails with

Error: Syntax error at line 1 col 20:

Unexpected number token: "2". Instead, I was expecting to see one of the following:

A identifier token based on:
    AggArgs → "(" ● %identifier _ "," _ %identifier ")"
    Type → "Group" %membertype ":" %aggfunc ● AggArgs
    Item →  ● Type _ Name Label Icon Groups Tags Metadata
    Items →  ● Item
    Main → _ ● Items _

The group members are all number values, where 2 represents ON. This can’t be a switch because there are 4 possible values.

The above code is pasted straight out of my .items file and it works from here - I just can’t import it into the UI. Also, if I add the group directly in the UI I can’t configure with a COUNT aggregation.

Have I missed something here?


It’s a known omission in 3.01 UI

Thanks, but it’s not so clear that my point is covered in that bug report. The Members Base Type in my example (Number) is supported in the Main UI as shown in the list contained in the bug report. However, the COUNT aggregation function for the Number Base Type with an argument is not.

I’m happy to add a comment to @rlkoshak 's bug report, or is this a new bug because it relates to a Base Type that has already been implemented in the Main UI?

I’m not sure what’s not clear about -

Furthermore, aggregation functions are possible with many of these and those should be allowed as well

(from Github) but of course you may add any comments you like.