OH3: Can't Save Channel Configuration for FIBARO FGR222 (with ZWave)

i would change the channel configuration of a FIBARO FGR222 (ZWave). i can change Channel Configuration “Invert control” to yes, but i can’t save the configuration. the following message is always displayed. after when i refresh the page, the old value “no” is visible.

has anyone ever had this problem and a tip about it?

system: openHAB 3.1.0.M5 on a rasperry pi with AEOTEC-ZWave-Stick

Do not have any of these devices and do not even know what invert means. However, can you reverse a couple of the wires to get it to do what you want?

thanks for the tip, but reverse of the wires is not possible. the direction of the movement is correct, only the position feedback is inverse.

unfortunately it still does not work. is it possible to transfer the zwave configuration files from OH2 to OH3? does anyone have any experience with this?

i have tried everything i could think of, but saving the channel configuration just won’t work. i would love to switch to oh3, but can’t because of this problem, as i have many blinds controlled by FIBARO FGR-222.

really no one operates the blinds with FIBARO FGR-222 and OH3?

if someone has a tip to solve my problem would be very grateful. i no longer have any idea what i could try.