OH3: Change standard icon

Hey there,

perhaps a stupid noob question:

Could I generally change which icon OH3 uses as standard icon?

What standard icon? Where? There are lots of icons in openHAB.

If you are looking to rebrand OH, I don’t think that’s really allowed, but I’m no lawyer. But it comes down to trademark and branding issues more than anything.


i do not want to rebrand OH :wink:

I just want to use a bit more modern icons for my things.

For example I want to change this icon, which is set by category

I already have copied the svg I want to use in the icon folder an can change it manually to for example “fenster”.

But I do not want to do it manually for all windows - therefore I am looking for a central place where to change the standard.

That is not possible as far as I’m away unless you take apart the kar file, find the icon files, and reguild the kar file.