OH3 Chart colors and controls

I have 2 questions about the charts in OH3.

First, is it possible to change the colors for the lines/area’s? Now it is sometimes a bit hard to see the differences.

I saw I can adjust a bit by changing the item order, but it would be nice to have some more influence in them.

And second I have a few items I have drawn in a chart and when I use the analyse option there is a ‘Controls ^’ link at the bottom, where you can make some adjustments, e.g. change them to an area chart. But when I save this to a chart page to keep the settings as the default for this chart, the Controls link does not show anymore and it limits the use of this specific chart, for making more analysis on the data. Is there a way to get the ‘Controls’ on a chart page? For instance to also switch there to an aggregated view.

hi @questionmark78

did you find a way?


No not yet.

There has been an answer to this question which was lost when the forum database was restored.
I do not remember who posted it but as I found it helpful, I would like to sum it up here again:

In the Editor, you can switch to Code and then add a color to the time series:

I also would like to extend the original question a bit:
Is there a known way to change the line width in a chart?

Please check doc

    - component: oh-time-series
          width: 8
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Great, thank you for the link! I was trying to find out which chart library is used in OH3 but could not find it.

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Ok, now I wonder how I could miss that…

This page also gives an answer to the thread openers second question:


Once you’ve saved the Analyzer result as a Chart Page, you can display this page like you would any other, but the controls that you used to configure the chart in the Analyzer will not be available. Chart Pages cannot be configured by the user (except changing the period, zooming, or by using the toolbox).

You can, however, launch the Analyzer with a predetermined set of item(s), chart type and period with the “Analyze” widget

I have created “Analyze” widget cells where I can manipulate chart contents such as items and formatting controls such as periods, legends, and scale. I can save it but it creates a separate page. Reviewing the YAML code on the chart page, I see the specific configuration commands for setting the min and max values on the y-axis. Are there similar commands I can enter in the YAML code in the cell to fix the y-axis values? So far copying the configuration commands from saved chart page does not work.

I am currently looking for an anwer to the questeion of @tdlr too.
I have a oh-label-cell that shows outdoor temperature and trend line in the background. On clicking the cell it opens the analyzer function and shows the chart with standard settings. I’d like to change colors of the lines as well as always showing min/max and use auto-scaling. Any possibility to manipulate the analyzer chart this way?