OH3: Chart + influxdb

by migrating from OH 2.5 to OH 3 i tried to use the new charting possibilities, looks great and also analyze i single item and save is really great!

but it does not work with all items.

as datawarehouse i’m using influxdb version 1.8

as i could see so far, analyze is working with items with 2 decimal places, where ever they come from

and not working in case of no decimal places …

it seem to be an influxdb related issue … the query for SMAEnergyMeter_BezogeneLeistung works…
ReturnCode 200

,[httpd] - openhab3 [11/Apr/2021:12:54:28 +0000] “GET /query?db=openhab3&epoch=ms&q=SELECT+value+FROM+autogen.SMAEnergyMeter_BezogeneLeistung+WHERE+time+%3E%3D+%272021-04-10T10%3A54%3A28.472159Z%27+AND+time+%3C%3D+%272021-04-11T12%3A54%3A28.472159Z%27+ORDER+BY+time+ASC%3B HTTP/1.1” 200 9349 “-” “okhttp/3.14.4” 0d25eb88-9ac5-11eb-af4d-0242eb159a06 44690

not working for 10000000_I_0000_I_Kostal_I_92092RHF00013_I_PVInverter_I_PowerACOut
ReturnCode 400

,[httpd] - openhab3 [11/Apr/2021:12:54:50 +0000] “GET /query?db=openhab3&epoch=ms&q=SELECT+value+FROM+autogen.10000000_I_0000_I_Kostal_I_92092RHF00013_I_PVInverter_I_PowerACOut+WHERE+time+%3E%3D+%272021-04-10T10%3A54%3A50.424884Z%27+AND+time+%3C%3D+%272021-04-11T12%3A54%3A50.424884Z%27+ORDER+BY+time+ASC%3B HTTP/1.1” 400 80 “-” “okhttp/3.14.4” 1a3b616d-9ac5-11eb-afbf-0242eb159a06 314

any ideas ?

i seems that influxdb query does not like the unescaped item names starting with a number

Well spotted; Item names should not start with a number

openHAB validation currently misses this

oh, it’s such a long time ago where i read about item naming… i just let them start with an underscore… are there any known limitations to that ?