OH3 Charts: How to create sth. like this example from HA in OH3?

Hi guys,

I´m experimenting with charts in OH 3 now. I found a chart in HA that I would like to recreate in OH 3, but I have no idea where to start and how to achieve my goal. Below you find a screenshot of what I want to achieve: it´s the state of motion senors in my house (experimental). So on the x axis should be time and on the y axis should be the devices. Then, represented as a bar, the states of the devices. Any idea how to reproduce this in OH3?
Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2021-10-03 154714

Keyword for this kind of chart, “timeline”

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thanks ro your reply! But is there no way in the “Chart Page” to create sth like I want? Only by cresating a widget? So aczually I thought I could created sth. like that on my own in the charts designer…btw how can I setup a gauge chart? I cannot find an option anywhere…

ok, thanks for your links. That´s too much work for just a little chart…