OH3 - Create/edit itemtype of group to string

Dear Devs,

on building my OH3 from the beginning with the new model/pages in mind i found, that the value of equipment and location groups is displayed in the location-page:

So i thought… no problem, i can change that item-value to something useful like the status of the equipment or the most used value or of course to the active subitems and so on.

How groups work is also described in Items | openHAB

but for my equipment i didnt want an itemtype like number or switch and instead the type string like described on the docs:

in the new MainUI i found the following Information that (i think?) is similar to the group-itemtype:

but string is missing here.

Is that not possible anymore?

Is there another way to disable the “NULL” values of all my equipment groups?

Greetings, Jay


Good question. A similar one is, how to define a group of item type “Color”?
Group:Color gLightsColour “…”

And I think several functions also can’t be defined using MainUi. According to the documentation, there should exist functions like EQUALITY, AND, OR etc.

Reguards, Christian

The Aggregation Function should be, what you are looking for?

Anyone any Idea on this?
I still would love to use my group-item-values for the status (online/offline) of the whole device instead of using sub-items/points for the status

rkoshak opened an issue for this question some days ago:

I am also running into this issue.
I would be happy to do any troubleshooting/testing needed in order to be able to create a group of the type “Color”.

So far, as per @rlkoshak’s suggestions, I also tried to create the group and override the standalone widget and list widget metadata to make them of the type “colorpicker”. this also does not work.

The main widget of the group ends up being a blank:

I tried the color picker with single modules and also with different combinations, and none of them worked.

Then i tried to set the group with a widget of the type slider…that worked like a charm. The lights on the group would follow the dimmer value with no issues.