OH3: Custom Equipment and Measurement types

Is it possible to define custom types (tags Semantic class/Semantic category) for equipment so OH recognizes this tag as equipment in semantic model and creates separate card for equipment of that type in “Equipment” tab.
Same question about measurement types.

Short answer : no

For more details see

The semantic classes are hard coded in oh core as well as in the UI. Of course you can still use your own tags, but these won’t be recognized by the automatically created cards.

What I did as a workaround is just choosing a equipment tag I for sure do not need and changed the titel for this at the equipment page. E.g. I renamed “remote control” to “settings”

I already did the same but it seemed a bit dirty workaround for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for explanation!

In my opinion, however, this is a bad design and not very user-friendly. Please don’t get it wrong, because OH3 is a massive step in the right direction. But at the moment I definitely cannot understand why you cannot create your own equipment, etc. and why these are not interpreted as your own card. In order to continue to accommodate the users here, that would be an important step in the implementation!

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