OH3 - Custom Widget -> Comments & comment line to be ignored?


is there a possibility to comment something in yaml:

Something like this:

                     - component: f7-row
                          height: 100px
//                            - display-flex                      C-Style
/*                            - flex-direction-row   */       C-Style
--                            - justify-content-center      OracleSQLStyle

Would be very helpful for testing and so on…

Thx & regards

No, comments are not implemented in the YAML parser and not on the roadmap AFAIK.

That’s disappointing. I always try to comment my setup to give someone else a chance, should I be run over by the proverbial bus.

And just to be clear, this is not the case for Script Actions and Script Conditions in rule. You can add comments to the code for those sections of a rule.