OH3 daily crushes - Fixing status

I need just to know if it is possible to make the point on the problem reported from many users.

Personally I never experienced OutOfMemory logs inside my openhab logs, but anyway I have the same behaviur described from other users… RAM memory in the R PI B+ decreases untill crushes.

Anyone can give me a link or something to follow the fixing status situation because I’m totally lost.

Thank you guys,

It would really help if you would at least tell us which version of openHAB you are running. Additionally the used binding are a way to know which possible problem you are experiencing.
Since those “many users” that are reporting such problems are most probably talking about different problems, some of which are already solved.

Are you really running a raspi B+ (omitting the version number points to a version 1)?

I guess you’re experiencing the memory leak in 3.0. I had the same, though I could get entire weeks before it crashed. Anyway, this is fixed in 3.1M2, after upgrading to that my system is rock stable. So I’d recommend you to upgrading.

Opus, you know what I’m asking.
Daniel Centered the point without any other explaination because I’m not asking Help for me, but I asked if is possible to have the point of the situation on a well known issue that still present since 3 month, since openhab 3.0.0 official release, where I did not found officials iformation in the forum. My version is not rilevant.

Moreover, about one month ago, I dont know why but I found some of my posts deleted from
these post : “OpenHAB 3 runs out of memory / java heap space errors, CPU 100%+ after a few hours”

in with I posted many informations about my sistem behaviur, screens and more, but all has been deleted I think from moderators but I don’t know why…

A forum upgrade failed, removing all posts from a weekend.

The forum observed a problem during an update resulting in the loss of a days data. That could be the reason.

With this information missing, how should anybody know your problem?
Are you really expecting people to remember what you posted somewhere else?

=) really not at all. I only saying that is not the point of my question
I won’t to seems rude at all. Sorry if i did not explained very well the story but I started the thread from my mobile and create a link and other stuff is not easy an on the desktop PC.
Anyway I understand that in 3.1.0milestone 2 , the memory problem has been fixed and openhab can run Rocky solid. Is it right?

Thank you and Sorry again for misunderstanding

P. S.
I miss the forum problem news… Now I understand why post are gone… =)

Of course not. There are a hundred possible reasons for “RAM memory in the R PI B+ decreases untill crushes.”.

One possible reason, very specifically tied to UI entered DSL rules, has been addressed.
This is actually covered in some detail in the thread you already linked to (where your posts went missing), complete with Github link.

In the same thread, a Gthub link to another,less severe,memory leak that has not yet been fixed.

I would definitely make sure you are on a version that has [automation] Fixed memory leak caused by invalid UI DSL rule by mhilbush · Pull Request #2212 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub included. It seems to have helped a large number of people. If you are still having OOM errors, we would want to start to characterize those errors on a recent snapshot to make sure that they haven’t been corrected already.