OH3 DateTime format in YAML

Hello All

I am using an Item State as Title in a oh-label card, the State of the Item is DateTime Format.
The Items State Description is set,

and the State of the Item is shown correct.

In the oh-label card the raw State is shown.


and the YAML

component: oh-label-card
  action: group
  item: Muellkalender_Ergebnistitel1
  actionGroupPopupItem: muell
  fontSize: 18px
  iconUseState: true
  icon: oh:muell
  vertical: false
  title: =items.Muellkalender_Ergebnisstart1.state

Is it possible to format the Item State in the YAML to get the correct State description?

Use =items.Muellkalender_Ergebnisstart1.displayState

That was fast, thank you smarthomepch :+1:
It works

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