OH3 Dimmer item showing numbers only

I have a standard dimmer item in 2.5 that im linking to in oh3.
All other items with the same properties are coming through fine, as dimmers.
But this one and another one that controls colour temp is showing as numbers only. Not sliders.
Any ideas?

Someone will hopefully have an answer for why it shows as a read only number, but you can change the way the dimmer is presented, overriding the default: click on the Add Metadata option, and choose Default Standalone Widget. In there you’ll be able to choose a slider.

If you’re using the auto generated Location/Equipments/Properties pages you will want to change the Default List Widget too.

And if you have your own Pages and use cells, you’ll want to change the Default Cell Widget.

yep thanks for that. Ive realised this earlier today. You can change values
Any idea how to set visibility properties using the metadata?
I would like to have dimmers only show if the item power switch is on.

You could create a custom widget that allows you to set the visibility of the slider based on the value of another item.