[OH3] Duplicate Z-Wave controller appears after upgrade

Just upgraded from OH2 to OH3 and I’m getting a second Z-Wave controller showing up in the inbox. How should I handle it? Just delete or ignore?


That must have been a very old openHAB2 version. We had some problems with this about two years ago.

Whatever you prefer. Don’t add it as Thing.

Could it be a zombie node on the network?

No. I am pretty sure the OP upgraded from an openHAB version prior to 2.4.
There were a lot of similar posts that time when we had a development version of the zwave binding.

Upgaded from 2.5.11. I added then deleted it but it keeps showing up. Is it possible that it is recognizing a USBmodem as a Z-Wave controller?

Ask your operating system:

dmesg | grep tty or
dmesg | grep usb

Instead of grep try grep -I to be case insensitive. I think some USB devices, for instance, are uppercase.

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Here’s what I get:

My existing Z-Wave stick (Aeotec Gen 5) is /dev/ttyACM0. My modem is /dev/ttyAMA0.
Looks like it sees a second device /dev/ttyACM1. Not sure what this is…

BTW, I’m running this on a RPi3B+

Only you can know :grinning:
So it is either a software problem on your operating system or a hardware problem on your stick. It is not related to openHAB. OpenHAB just gives you what your operating system provides.