OH3 - Edit Home Page - Page Configuration – “Display model cards to” functions incorrectly

This post started out about how the “home” page model tabs show only for the administrator. Now I see that the “Display model cards to” functions incorrectly. The issue is not just the interface language “Display model cards to” and “Restrict who sees the Locations/Equipment/Properties tabs with the model cards” being logically confusing and also functions opposite to the way the “Hidden Model Tabs” interface functions, but it actually functions incorrectly.

Here is what I see:

Admin not checked, users not checked => admin displayed tabs, users displayed tabs
Admin checked, users not checked => admin displayed tabs, users not displayed tabs
Admin not checked, users checked => admin not displayed tabs, users not displayed tabs
Admin checked, users checked => admin displayed tabs, users not displayed tabs

Only the “Admin checked, users not checked” selection combination functions as expected.

This is openHAB 3.1.0 Release Build in a Docker container. “openhab/openhab:latest”

This has always been the behavior of these options in the mainUI. It looks like you are confusing the two types of non-admin users. There are users who have a OH login but do not have admin access (those are the “users” actually referred to by those check boxes), but you can also have visitors to the OH UI that are not logged in at all (which appears to be what you are considering “users”).

The two check boxes are exclusive options as far as not-logged-in users are concerned. So, as soon as you select either one of those, the resource will be invisible to any visitor not logged in (and will only be visible to someone logged in with the correct account type).

Admin Checked Admin Unchecked
User Checked A, U U
User Unchecked A A, U, V

A = admin, U = logged in user, V = not logged in site visitor

I have been reading the online openHAB documentation. I went back again after seeing your reply looking for any specific mention of the user types thinking I must have missed something. There is no mention of any distinction between users types to arrive at three user categories. One might think user type is a concept to be explained in the Concepts section. I also see no mention of how to create a user account that is not administrator. The “Introduction to Pages” section defines only two user types. These are “Regular” and “Administrative”. The openHAB interface I see has no provision for user login except for “Unlock Administration”. Furthermore, it would be silly to design a web based local LAN control system for general use that required user authentication for average use. It would never cross my mind that I was somehow missing the login sequence for average use. Authentication is not required to step up to a wall switch to turn a light on or off. This distinction between authentic User and just Visitor is unbelievable. Where did I miss this in the documentation?

Setting this three user type concept aside, lets just look at “Admin not checked, users not checked” in context with “Display model cards to”. To any reasonable person both Administrators and Users should not see any tabs because while the text refers to model cards being displayed the control is for tabs. Yet with that setting tabs are displayed for both Administrators and Users. Perhaps there was a translation to English error in regard to “Display model cards to”. It should read something like “Restrict model tabs from”. Now add in the third user type. Then there should be three user type check boxes if that is for real. openHAB is truly amazing but to think “this has always been this way”, as you say, well I just have to reserve some colorful thoughts to myself.

Anyone who finds a deficiency in the documentation is welcome, encouraged even, to submit a change (there is a link at the bottom of every docs page).