OH3 expire timer not seen in the frontail log

In OH2 I saw expiration timer in log when decremented every 1m, in OH3 I configured for switch Items but can’t track it in log. Is it disabled or it works in some different way?
I would like to send update to timer (reset) when PIR detects movement. like switchItem.postUpdate(20) but this is another thing, the most important for me is understand how to debug it

Saw it do what? You don’t see expiration timer at work, but you can often see its effects. If you have configured expire to post a command, you would see the command to the Item in your events.log
If you have configured expire to post a state update, you would see the Item state change in your events.log - but only if it causes a change (it usually would with expire)

How are you configuring your expire option on your Item?

I tried to simplify my question and I caused more confusions. once again. In OH2 I used your guideline:

whenever count decremented I was able to see it in event.log.
I build new env in OH3, I created switch Item for turning light with Expiration Time set for 30m in Metadata.

I have also PIR which sends ON on movement. I would like to reset Expiration Time on the switch to 30m whenever detects move.

I’m checking your script again and I think that either it is not possible in oh3 or I define timer in wrong way.
I have now item called SonoffWall2CHLazienkaDol_E2 and configured with:


I do not want to create separate timer with rules etc. I was thinking about 1 simple rule:

When PIR changed status from OFF to ON 
execute script: SonoffWall2CHLazienkaDol_E2.postUpdate(30)
  1. I do not see in event log info that SonoffWall2CHLazienkaDol_E2 decrement timer every minute
  2. tried to test by enforcing 1m tot the timer after siwtching on light by sending SonoffWall2CHLazienkaDol_E2.postUpdate(1) but it also does not work.
  3. I’m wondering if I do not need to use command=-1 ?

In meanwhile I read more posts regarding expire timer and I think it can’t be modified on the fly.

The countdown is not the normal behavior of Expire. You have to implement something to do the countdown behavior. That’s what @rossko57’s “countdown tick” rule and myCounter Item does. You don’t get that by default. The countdown is wholly separate from Expire on the Sonoff Item.

The rule posted works on commands sent to myCounter so you would need to have a rule that sends a command 30 to the myCounter Item when ever SonoffWall2CHLazienkaDol_E2 receives an update.

You have to have a separate timer with rules. @rossko57’s tutorial shows you how to implement that countdown timer using Expire instead of createTimer but you still need the rules.

OK thanks! we may close discussion.