[OH3] Format numbers for automatically created chart

The Netatmo CO² shows in the widget correct 1020 ppm, but in the chart it is 0,001.
Is there a way to show the values also the same as the widget instead of 0,001 or 0,002 and so on?

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If that doesn’t help, we’re going to need to know how your Item state metadata is configured.

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Thanks, the solution was:

I see this as a minor deficiency in the UI charting.
Desirable behaviour -
If an Item has a default unit given in Item’s pattern metadata, use it for charting.
But it may not.
If an Item has an actual unit given in Item’s state - that is after all, a requirement for a Quantity type - use that for charting.

I suspect the reality is more about use of historical data from persistence, which relies on metadata to reconstruct units.

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