OH3 fresh install: No default panel configuration!

I use a fresh install of OH3 on a ubuntu server.I installed some bindings and added Things to the model as Items. But I can’t configure the habpanel. How can you enable the habpanel configuration in OH3? I found no settings and it seems this is not supported by default. Tested with Firefox, Chrome and IE same error:
No default panel configuration!

Sign in with the main UI to enable editing in HABPanel and set a default panel configuration.

bw Bill

To get to HABPanel, click on the little rectangular icon in the upper right corner. It’s listed there. If it’s not listed you need to install it.

hey rick, habpanel is there, I cannot configure it.

So, did you follow the suggestion and log into MainUI (click the shield at the bottom left) before trying to open it? OH 3 has authentication and authorization which prevents changing things unless you are logged in as an admin user.

sorry for the late reply rick, yes I’m logged in as admin. In OH2.5 the HabPanel can be edit by the dashboard gearicon.

In OH3 it cannot be configured, see my previous screenshot above.
Super strange, do I need something to install?

I found this post early on in my searches and was similarly stuck. After some time I ran across this post
and it actually has the missing piece related to the config part of habpanel. My use case is an iframe wtih embedded openhab on ever changing browsers and non-persistent cache. This solved the problem of having a default configuration to pull down from the server without authorization (signing in).