OH3 fresh install on debian 11 and MQTT Dimmer publishing 0.0 to 0.10 not 0/100

OH3 fresh install on Debian 11 and MQTT Dimmer publishing 0.0 to 0.10 not 0/100

just done a fresh install of OH3 and went to add my first thing and item and noticed while testing that if i use the slider and pick a number from 1 to 100 say 85 it publishes 0.85 not 85. i tried setting the min and max to 100 and it has not made any difference. i never had this issue with OH2. Have i missed something in the OH3 setup ?

I don’t know. Can we see your OH3 setup?

It’s the kind of thing you see if linking Dimmer type Item to number type channel etc.

there is no dimmer in the drop down box anymore when i add a new thing
i have also edited the code to say dimmer and it is still the same

i also tried a percent thing and it wont let me link a dimmer item to it only switch items

‘percentage value’ is this bindings mis-naming of a “dimmer” type channel. It was the same in OH2 and PaperUI. Fair enough I suppose, you might use it for fan speed control or whatever.

The UI has some odd restrictions, these can be worked around by going at it from the other end; linking an existing Item to a channel.

Note that there are no dimmer Things. You create an MQTT Thing, and may then create several channels of various types depending from it.

its strange if i make a channel and use percent it gets label as dimmer in the code but when i try link item it will only let me link items like switches and the dimmer items are not in the listed.

i have managed to get it to work but i had to create a item withing the ui not one from my items file
i used from OH2. guess i will just have add everything in one by one

But if you’re creating Items by file, why not specify the channel in the Item there? You can copy-paste the UID from GUI created channels.

i will have a go at that. I still Have a lot of learning to do haha

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