OH3: frontail shows wrong logfile

I just switched to OH3 (RC) and my frontail (port 9001) still points to the wrong logfiles:

Where can I change the path to the new logfile location (openhab instead of openhab2)?


Nevermind, after some restarts it started to point to the right logfiles.

so far restart did not work for me so I am interested to find out where the file to be showned is defined…

have a look to the file /etc/systemd/system/frontail.service. The row ExecStart defines what to start and how. Parts of the arguments are the files to be viewed in the browser.

Modified the file, restarted the service and now I see the actual log for OH3 not anymore OH2

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Sorry to “hijack” this topic but still regarding log, how can I define what is logged and what is not logged.
For instance air temperature sensors get updated every few minutes which is fine to log but electrical power gets updated every few seconds which I would like not to log unless I am in a debugging phase.

you find many details about how to configure logging here: Logging | openHAB

Thanks again Wolfgang.
I should have read the f…ing manual as they say.
This part about logging is very clear.