OH3 Graph of Switch item

I have a motion detector which state is persisted. However when I’m creating a graph and use the analyze feature, I only see a blank page:

For numeric data, it’s working fine, though.
I checked that the data is present in influxdb:
When I’m looking at the API

it only says “OFF” all the time. Is there some kind of mapping which is missing here?

I was able to solve this by upgrading to InfluxDB 2. So it seems to be related to the openHAB persistence for InfluxDB using version 1.x.

Hm… i’m using Openhabian (32bit since 64bit is not recommended) on my Pi4. After some digging i found out, that InfluxDB 2 needs 64bit and there are some projects to get it running 32bit, but that also seems not like a very stable solution?

How did you upgrade to InfluxDB2 and are there other possible fixes?

I also noticed this and for me it’s not an option to upgrade yet since there is not an official Docker container for v2 yet. Any idea how to get it working with v1?

Maybe you should have a look here: OH3: Charts/Graphs/Plots

I don’t use Openhabian. InfluxDB is running in an LXC container so I’m also not relying on Docker support.

Just an update from GitHub: [influxdb] historic states of switch items are always OFF with influxdb v1 · Issue #9455 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
The fix for v1 has been merged and added to the 3.1 milestone :slight_smile:

I see it’s fixed here:

Can I get this fix somehow before the release of OH3.1?

I guess you could use the snapshot release

Issue still exists with Openhab 3.1 and Influxdb2, adding a switch item to a graph just shows nothing. On Influxdb2 it is saved with 1 and 0 properly (And the influxdb2 ui/plot shows it properly)