Oh3 Group equipment from file not load at startup

Hello my “Items Group Equipment from Files” does not load at startup, to load them I have to remove them, save the file via vscode and then replace them and save the file, then via “the frondtail” it tells me File loaded , strange isn’t it? and I have this with each “Group Equipment files”, and eatch reboot, what’s going on?
Thanks for your help :

here an example of these Group :

Group Eq_Aquara1       "Eq_Agara1 " <temp> (Salon)    ["Equipment"]

Number                 Aqara1_Humidity    "Aqara1 Humidity[%.0f %%]"          <hum>             (Eq_Aquara1) ["Measurement", "Humidity"]     {channel="deconz:humiditysensor:00212E051EC1:00158d00044a22f1010405:humidity"}
Number:Temperature     Aqara1_Temperature "Aqara1 temperature [%.1f %unit%]"  <temperature>     (Eq_Aquara1) ["Measurement", "Temperature"]  {channel="deconz:temperaturesensor:00212E051EC1:00158d00044a22f1010402:temperature", listWidget="widget:temperature_list" [title="Aqara1 temp"]}
Number:Pressure        Aqara1_Pressure    "Aqara1 Pressure[%.1f %unit%]"      <pressure>        (Eq_Aquara1) ["Measurement", "Pressure"]     {channel="deconz:pressuresensor:00212E051EC1:00158d00044a22f1010403:pressure"}
DateTime               Aqara1_LastUpdated "Aqara1 Last updated[le %1$td du %1$tm à %1$tHh%1$tM]"<calendar>(Eq_Aquara1) ["Point","Timestamp"] {channel="deconz:temperaturesensor:00212E051EC1:00158d00044a22f1010402:last_updated"}

To load the equipment I have to delete the referance to (Salon), then save, then “crtl + z” and re-record

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