[OH3] HABPanel - Connection lost, trying to reconnect

Hi there,

two days before I cleaned my cache because my habpanel was slow - after that it worked perfect. I experimented with widgets and stopped at some point when everything was working very well. After some hours I went back to install “System Info Binding” and I noticed that my habpanel lost connection.
I tried to upgrade to snapshot to see if there was a bug already fixed - no luck.
I went back to OH2.5.11 and everything came back up! I switched to OH3 stable again and “Connection lost, trying to reconnect”
I cant find any error in the logs - what to I need so set on DEBUG to get some errors reported or where can I find the maybe broken widgets to delete the complete HABPanel? (Colud not find it in \openHAB-userdata.config)

Hope someone finds the needle!!

kind regards

solved it by reinstall and messing around with old config files…hope it works now!