OH3 & Heos binding - No volume control after upgrade from OH2.5


I have updated to OH3 from OH2.5. After the update my HEOS Player thing doesn’t have volume control and mute button channels anymore. I can start and stop the music with no problem, so the binding and link to the hardware seems to work.

I still have my old sitemap running and from there I can control the HEOS Amp with no problem, also with volume and mute controls.

All HEOS Player channels are defined in a seperate heos.items file, located in etc/openhab/items:
// HEOS items
Player Stue_Control “Control” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Control”}
Switch Stue_Mute “Mute” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Mute”}
Dimmer Stue_Volume “Volume” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Volume”}
String Stue_Title “Spiller nu: [%s]” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Title”}
String Stue_Interpret “Kunstner: [%s]” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Interpret”}
String Stue_Album “Album: [%s]” {channel=“heos:player:main:Stue:Album”}

I have tried adding groups to the volume control above, and I can then get it linked to the player in the things list. When I then try to add the heos player thing to the model, volume is not there to select as channel.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards