OH3 + Homekit + Dimmer

I want to dim my light via Homekit.
Setting the brightness of the thing in OH3 works, and the dimmer also shows up in Homekit.
But changing the brightness in Homekit does neither affect the value in OH3, nor the brightness of my light.

The Homekit metadata:

value: Lighting,Lighting.OnState,Lighting.Brightness
  dimmerMode: normal
  minValue: 0
  maxValue: 254

the configuration looks correct.
if you change brightness in openhab do you see this change in homekit/home app?
please try without min/max values and dimmerMode

OH3 doesn’t let me remove the entire config key-value pair, but removing either the min/max values or the dimmer mode does not have any effect…

here is my working config

looks like the only difference is the openHAB item type. i use dimmer. but it also should work with number.

do you have apple tv or homePod acting as bridge? if yes, please shut them off and try.

and we can also check the openHAB logs. in events.log we should see whether homekit sends any value.

I checked the openHAB logs. In the openhab.log file, I noticed the line:

2023-08-11 11:02:56.092 [WARN ] [ssories.HomekitCharacteristicFactory] - Item type Number is not supported for Switch_Wohnzimmer_Dimmer_Wohnzimmer_Decke. Only ColorItem and DimmerItem are supported.

I choose Number and not Dimmer as type because my physical dimmer expects values between 0-254 and dimmer seems only to send floating numbers between 0-1.

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