OH3 - homematic binding - channels not recognized

Does anybody use homematic 8-channel receiver module HM-MOD-EM-8 with OH3? Homematic Thing is established well. But when I try to add items from thing only 2 channels (signal strength and lowbat) appear. The 8 switch (or contact) channels are missing. When clicking the expert mode an error message is shown:
"There was an error generating the items definition: TypeError: a is undefined. "
I use two modules of that type - same behaviour for both. All other homematic items work well. In OH2 everything worked well.

Of course, I can define the items manually. But I would rather prefer to have all items in the semantic model. It is a great feature!!! Is it possible to include manually defined items into the semantic model?

Same with me, but I have no error in expert mode.

According to the log the button channel are created but they do not appear. I have seen an error message regarding missing descriptions in the log. Maybe this causes the problem here.

I will fix this and we are lucky it will help to solve the problem.

Nice to hear. Thank you for the good work .

Many thanks for your efforts - hope it will work.
Unfortunately, there is still another issue with a homematic component - HmIP-MOD-RC8. This is the successor of the module mentioned in this thread. Behaviour is as follows: Channels are recognized in OH - so far ok. (At the moment, I use OH 2.4 on synology: OH 2.5 didn’t work, for OH3 there is still no Java 11 available). I can switch the inputs either by hardware or by homematic WebUI buttons, but state changes are not transferred to OH. Items remain permanently OFF.
Maybe it is the same reason as for HM-MOD-EM-8 ?

I think that it is the same reason.

Hi, I do have the same problem with OH3.
I can see the thing HM-MOD-EM-8 with all details.
But in the view of the channels I see in the advanced mode only details from channel 0#.
I can‘t creat a Point for the model for channel 3 (witch is a contact) and others.
The code site looks like

thanks for help

Hi, there is one tricky thing with HM-MOD-EM-8. The manufacturer EQ3 launched a redesign somewhere last year. Not only the software, but the hardware as well were undergoing substantial changes. Usually one could expect that there will be a new or modified device name or at least some hints in the description - but nothing happened.
Hardware: A number of pins which formerly sholud be connected to ground have now additional functions, namely pins 1, 11, 21-23,32. Check the electrical scheme in the description.
Software: Formerly, there were 8 independent channels visible in the homematic CCU-Webinterface. Now the input state of all channels are aggregated in one byte- useful for example to attach an A/D-converter. The webinterface supplies various options to react on state changes - so-called modi 1–7. Unfortunately, the description of modi 4…7 is wrong with respect to the state of the trigger input DU30.
The consequence for OH is, that there aren’t eight independent contacts as before but one single number byte representing the state of the inputs. Beside battery state and signal strength this is the only information channel! If you want to process single inputs you have to decompose the byte. Since OH doesn’t know item arrays or indexes it is a rather long piece of code in a rule.
I have it running now under OH2, but I guess the behaviour in OH3 will be the same.