[OH3] How to add existing equipemnt into a location item?

Simple question, in the semantic model I have existing equipment which I like to move into a new location, so that it appears as child of the location? Is that somehow possible without to re-configure the complete stuff?

Move equipment “Office Desk” into location “Büro”


You have to edit the equipment item.

Either select equipment in model view, click the item in the right pane (not the “edit” link but the directly above it - this is a bit un-intuitive…) - or find the equipment item in the item list and click on it there.

You should be on the item page of the equipment group item. Now click “Edit” in the top right and you can select the location(s) under “Group membership” → “Parent Groups”.

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Correct … the edit link is not intuitive… :grinning:
Otherwise, worked perfectly! Thank you!! :+1:t2: