OH3: How to convert text file based elements?

I just migrated from OH2.5 to OH3 (RC2) using openhabian and I was surprised that more or less everything was taken over during the migration. But now I’m a little bit lost - and I didn’t find an answer during my research (or I read over it).

I can see e.g. all my text-based item, but they have a lock which seems to mean: Those are text-file based, you can’t change them in the GUI

So: What’s the correct way to migrate these items away from textual definition into the database? Is there a easy way or do I have to double all the items and create them new from the scratch?


I assume, I have to have a look at the dev tools :wink:
But to avoid double names, I have to delete the item definition in the textual files, right?


Oh man, that was too easy. Sorry for being blind :man_facepalming:

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For the records: Commenting them out is sufficient