OH3 - how to create a "properties" page

When logged in as an administrator, on my home page, I see different tabs in the footer (Overview, Locations, Equipment and Properties).

I want to create a page which shows items based on properties (i.e. one page with all the lights - ideally structured by room/location, one page with all the thermostats, etc.)

How do I do that? I know how to create a page, I know how to select a widget - but I couldn’t find a “porperties” widget, or a widget where I could use items based on their tags - can someone help me out?


I believe those tabs are automatically filled when you use semantic modeling.

Yes, in the home page they are - but I want to create a separate page with those properties

Just fill in the tab ‘semantic property’ in the model, and your page is created automatically

Yes, in the properties tab on the home page.

Maybe a slightly different example: I want to create a layout page and add a button which opens up a list of all the items which include „lights“ as their semantic property.

How would I do that?

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You will have to create a List Card and add entries for each Item.

That would be the manual solution. Is there no way - besides the already existing tab based on properties on the home page - to automatically populate a layout item based on properties?

no, there is no way. You can set default widgets on items and Groups and use those in pages, but you have to create those manually too.

Is it also possible to create buttons/widgets on the overview page which opens e.g. a property light or any equipment. In general I want to put some of the buttons what are already available in the equipment or properties tab to the overview page? Thanks!

Everything you put on the overview page is compeltely custom and defined by you. The widgets and Items involved don’t even need to be a part of the model.

If I get the documentation right, I would like to put a Equipment Class Card (oh-equipment-card) or Property Card (oh-property-card) on the overview page. Is this possible? At the moment I can only select standard library cards?

That is not possible. You have to build the cards (or copy from an example here on the forum) yourself.