OH3 How to edit metadata?


i have imported my items files from OH2.5 into OH3 as a test.

For example the OH2.5 item:

Number:Dimensionless 	LaCrosseSensor2_Luftfeuchtigkeit "2bla bla bla [%.1f]" 	{channel="remoteopenhab:server:192_168_137_29:LaCrosseSensor2_Luftfeuchtigkeit" [profile="timestamp-update"], Static="limitvalues"[GrenzwertUnten="-4", GrenzwertOben="-999", reportTelegramm="YES", alarmIntervallMin=360]}

I have stored various metadata in the item. Metadata in the item to be able to catch e.g. limit exceedances, etc. via rules.


After inserting the item, I still see the metadata. But later I can’t find a way to edit them.

How can this be done?


if you go to Administration - Settings - Items

and then find the Item there, can you see the Metadata or edit it there?

Also if you’ve added the Item to the Model. It should show up there, where there are also Metadata options.

Neither about the first point nor about the model the metadata are to be edited …

Maybe I’m just missing the point …

No I don’t think you are, this OH3 move has been kicking my ass too.
I’ve all my stuff still in .items files, as they all work there and I’m used to editing them.

I think you either have to keep editing them there and add any additional info you need to work with OH3 like Semantic Class and the like, or you start over and make new items completely through the GUI.

In your first screenshot you have an Add Metadata option. There’s another thread open in this forum which asks the same question, but at the moment you cannot see your custom metadata within the UI on the pages you’ve shown.

What happens when you click Add Metadata and then choose whichever option has the word Custom in it?

I have now found a solution:



a little hard to find, but it works …
Maybe there is another way?

IMHO this point is important in future versions of OH. Currently you can’t see which items have custom metadata…

I have found the following explanation: