OH3: how to reverse Lock / Unlock icon on widget?

Dear, I need your help.

I created some items for Lock.
In Japan, most keys turns on when locked and turns off when unlocked.
But on location card, the icon looks like unlocked when locked.
I want to reverse On / Off or reverse icons.
I added “Command Options” like following.
But, of cause, not worked.

thanks in advance for your help

Probably easiest to use custom dynamic icons. Make a set with a new filename name, like mylock.png or .svg
You can copy existing images, but you must have a default icon in your set.

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Thank you for your quickly advice.

I made 3 svg icons.
I can change icon in list.
But, icon on locations card can’t change.
I created a lock item as Equipment_Door.
On location card, it appeared as unlocked door even it locked and Icon disappeared when it unlocked.

I have the same issue. Both with Locks and Blinds. When the OPEN symbol is showing they are actually closed so I would also like to know how to reverse it. I think we’re both speaking about the badges icons in the locations tab. I’m thinking about the State Description Meta Data tag. Is that used for situations like this?

I tried the Openhab Demo as well and when you press UP there on the fake demo blinds the Open Blinds symbol dissappears. Pressing DOWN and the Open Blinds symbols is visible.

Worth way is editing source.
So, I made new firmware for my device.
(I made IoT device with ESP 32 and 1284p)

My device connect key controller and MQTT broker.
When key Locked, monitor output power of key controller becomes ON.
If My device receive output from key controller, send “OFF” payload to MQTT broker.
It works fine.

But, I wish openHAB3 can reverse ON/OFF command.

i’m on 3.1.0 and the icons are still reversed. As you can see from the screenshots below: Garage lock icon shows unlocked icon but the lock is locked, and Living Room lock icon shows locked but it’s unlocked. Was there any way to change/reverse this behavior?

Please check this thread.