OH3: How to use Timestamp-update or timestamp-change profile from UI

I would like to remove my old 2.5 rules and migrate everything to the OH3 UI.
I don’t understand how to use profiles like Timestamp-update or Timestamp-change on existing channels
I found information only on the text configuration mode

Could someone help me with a simple tutorial on using these types of profiles in UI?

Thanks in advance

There are several ways to get to the page where you will be linking a thing’s channels to items. The direct way is to click on the channel list in the page for the thing and expand the channel you wish to link an item to:

When you click Add Link to Item you will get the linking dialog. Fill in the item info as appropriate, and down at the bottom you will see the list of default profiles available to you including timestamp profiles. Just select the profile you wish.

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thanks a lot @JustinG !!

I have inserted the modify on my sensors and now I can remove the old 2.5 rules that have become useless!

thanks again

Digging this out, can anyone tell me why I don’t see the Timestamp profiles?

I think the UI is being clever and not offering you a timestamp profile where there’s no DateTime Item involved.
You probably need to go at it the other way, create an Item and link it back to the non-DateTime channel with the profile.

Sorry to dig this out again but I just tried to link a switch channel to an existing item but the profile selection only appears when I select “Create a new item”. However since the item I want to link is a DateTime item the UI won’t allow me to select this because the types do not match. I’m on 3.3.0 now, has this changed for a reason or is this probably a bug? In your screenshot I can see that the profile selection was there at least one and a half year ago but it is no more :frowning:

Oh and its not working the other way round either: I cannot open the item and create the link to the thing channel from there.

the only way I found is to create a datetime item and go to the item configuration and then select link from there. When you choose your thing and channel, the timestamp on update option is there.
But: For me it doesn’t work. The timestamp is only updated when I hit save in the link configuration, never again when the item changes?

Edit: OK it works for number channels, but if I create a switch channel and I change the value through the switch in the UI then the timestamp connected to that channel is not updated.

Edit2: Nevermind, my state mqtt channel wasn’t configured right, so the answer from the device was never received. All working now.

It does not work for me at all: I just tried to link an existing switch item to a string channel which output is converted to ON or OFF via a JS transformation. Neither starting with the thing, nor starting with the item gives the controls to do so. When I create a new item it does work but it’s very frustrating to delete and recreate the items when only a link would need to be configured :worried:

I’m having the same result as @DrRSatzteil on 3.3.0; when I try to create the item from Thing → Channel, it doesn’t offer the timestamp on update/change profiles (they are present, but disabled); when I go from Item → Add Link, after I select the Thing, it doesn’t offer me any channels to select.

your Item type is Number:Time
Try Item type DateTime


D’oh! Scrolled right past that.

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