OH3 HUE readings and control dimmers

I’m struggle with a practical issue for my light’s in the same room.

3 of the lamps are Philips Hue lamps and controlled via the standard Hue app on my mobile phone.

One lamp is controlled via a dimmer that’s connected to my OH3 system. This is done to be sure that it’s always possible to switch on the lights even if OH3 or the Hue system stopped. (the dimmer directly interact with one lamp).

It’s a kind of “safety”. In every room I want at least one lamp that is switchable even if the home automation systems are down.

The issue is now that I want to “read” the % value from the light level in the room from Philips Hue system if the hue lamps are on. And then I want to use this value and send is as a setpoint for my OH controlled dimmer.

e.g. if I change the % level of the HUE lamps in my room via m mobile phone to 50% I want automatically send the 50% to my dimmer for the “non-HUE” lamp.

Is this possible without a java script? (read the HUE-Room-Level and send it as setpoint to the dimmer)?

Is it one of the Hue dimmers? What kind of dimmer is it

It’s a z-wave controlled Qbino mini dimmer an i use the Aeotec z-wave usb stick as the z-wave controller

Why don’t you want to use a script?

Scripting is fairly simple and could easily and reliably do this.

Can’t use a script unless you’ve got data to work with. OP seems to want to be able to eavesdrop on device states, when they are controlled by some external service.
I’d say the first step is linking those devices into openHAB, even if you never intend to send them commands.

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